Ethics around eggs


It’s become clear that consumers are making a stand when it comes ethical food choices. Free range, barn laid, cage free eggs are taking over shelving once dominated by caged eggs. That’s not to say that they have wiped caged eggs out, rather, they have taken a market share. Below are some links to some awesome websites that inform consumers about what is actually happening in the egg production business

Animals Australia
This website is an advocate for free range chickens. It discusses the positives associated with free range eggs. It also provides links to other sites that show how caged chickens are treated.

Link provided by Animals Australia  (Warning – it is graphic) 

RSPCA Approved Farming
This website is awesome. It not only tells you the standards that should be met for ethical farming of animals, it also has links that delve deeper into mass produced foods that contain caged eggs. 

Link provided by RSPCA

Australian Egg Corporation Limited
Here you will find a 3:48 video.  The video has been made by people in the egg producing business and it gives their side of Australian egg production practices

The choice is yours.  If you can purchase and consume an egg from a caged bird you must question compassion!


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